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Are you over the age of 35? Did you play for Baltimore–Chesapeake or new to the area? Do some of you who are old enough remember the time before rubber scrum caps and protective gear were part of the regular uniform, and you couldn’t leave the field unless you were unconscious? Do you miss watching or playing rugby?  If you still have that desire to try your hand at the grand game, the BC Old Boys are your answer.  The Old Boys have an active 15’s schedule which mirrors the Men’s Club and provide opportunities for over 50 play and tournament travel.

If you want to be involved again on a social or athletic level, contact Paul Miller for a schedule and current event information.


Paul Miller, President
[email protected]

Wade Gowl, Chairman of the Board
[email protected]

 BC Old Boys at NOVA – September 27, 2014
BC Over 50’s match at the Rites of Spring Tournament – May 2, 2010
BC & Washington – November 14, 2009 
BC & York Yeomen – August 22, 2009 

BACON (Baltimore County Rugby): The picture above appears to be from a BACON team circa 1982. Standing: Derrick McGuirk, Fred Iszrig, Tim McGann, Steve “Mad Dog” Weber, Charlie Duprez, Mike Brown, Steve Brown, Bill Howard, Loc Vetter

Kneeling: Greg Szoka, Tom Graf, Bill Miller, Frank Booth, Tom Polk, Bob Ellison

Reclining: Unknown


TOM (Towson Old Men) circa 1984. The TOM picture above was taken on the old Peter Gorman Memorial Pitch (now the site of the TU parking garage on Towsontown Blvd).

Kneeling: Brian Carney, Tom McCormack, Rob Diehl, Eddie Webster, Mike Elardo, Neal Brown, Don Stone, Tim Chesnutt, Matt McGlone

Standing in Back Row: Jim Norcross, Tim Cahill, Miles Larkin, Steve White, “Ichabod” Francis Lanassa, Mike Leonard (crutches), Dan Dohony, Stan Cochran, Richie McArdle, Paul Redding, Russ Clark, Pete McDowell, Marty Piepoli, Howard Jester, John Kelly, Bob Harris, Steve DeVeas, Tom Dillon, Brian Leassor.


John and Sally Bashaar’s wedding (November 20, 1976)

Front row George Stamathis, Greg Szoka, Steve Frome, Dan Keizer, Sally and John Bashaar

Middle row Pat Connor, Terry Smith, Paul Oberle, Ron Polish, Bobby Bonner, Bill Howard, Andy Pons

Back row British Guy, Charlie, Derek McGurk, Dr. Frank


BC Old Boys vs. DC Poltroons on 11/23/2008. See how many ugly faces you can recognize…(haha)…2 young men missing from the picture are Chris Young and Patrick McElroy


Classic Old Boy Picture from the 70’s…The two gentleman standing are Bud Aldrich, and Dennis Murphy, who is leaning with his back against the beer truck. The guys kneeling are (from left to right) Bill Motscheidler, John Metcalf, Joe Austin, (he worked for Natty Boh at the time), Burt Hopkins and Ingo Lahnemann. We know Burt liked to drink, but name me a rugby player who doesn’t. We also know he was a hooker who didn’t know how to hook the ball, but instead, he would kick the crap out of the ankles of his opposite. This picture is rumored to have been used by Natty Boh as a billboard at one time.

We have learned that Bill Motscheidler is no longer with us, so we would like to extend our condolences. We do value our pioneers.

On an up note – Ingo Lahnemann is well and living in Tunkhannock , Pa. He has expressed his appreciation at being contacted and looks forward to renewing old, and making new acquaintances.

Another classic Natty Boh rugby picture…
October 27, 2007
November 7, 2004
BC Old Boys’ first match
Chesapeake Old Boys 1998
Chesapeake Old Boys 1981 
BC Old Boys in Bermuda 1980
October 1981