Baltimore-Chesapeake Rugby Foundation Mission

The Baltimore Rugby Foundation’s mission is to further the participation in, support, and foster a love for the game of rugby in the Baltimore metro area.

We believe that rugby:

Offers an avenue for the development of young people through team work and team play.
Will strengthen our community through a culture of inclusion and opportunity.
Is a stabilizing force in our community by offering achievement through discipline and shared goals.

Baltimore-Chesapeake Rugby Foundation Board Members

Leslie Joyce, President
John Graham, Vice President
Seth Bloom, Treasurer
Mark Schroeder, Men’s Club Representative
Erin Sylvester, Women’s Club Representative
Wade Gowl, Old Boys Representative
At Large Members – Rob Books, James Hale, Jeanine Senflung, Pat Walsh

Foundation Giving Link

The Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization. It you wish to donate, please click the link below, which will direct you to our page on Strong City Baltimore: